Check Your Eligibility for Retail Finance.

Answer the following questions to check your eligibility.

* Deposit payable at point of purchase. No payment will be taken upon application


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be accepted for finance?

Whether your accepted for finance or not depends on many different factors. We have a dedicated credit team who use a bespoke credit engine to help them reach decisions.

What do I do if I have been declined?

If your application was declined, we will not give you the specific reason/s why. We advise that you obtain a copy of your credit report so you can see the potential reasons.

I want to amend my order.

If you have been approved for finance, we cannot amend the amount or term. You will need to contact the business that you purchased the goods or services from to complete a new application for finance. Please note we cannot guarantee a new credit application will be approved. All credit applications will leave a credit footprint on your credit history.