Why Retail Finance is vital for today’s customers…

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The UK has rarely been seen as competitive a retail world than now. With approximately 287,000 retail outlets hiring more than 3 million employees, UK retail is a tough industry. But it’s not all bad news. If retailers can understand today’s modern consumer and provide for them accordingly, they have the opportunity to take a slice of a retail market valued at over £4bn in 2017.

One highly effective way to achieve this is through retail finance, providing the consumer with what they want, when they want it – and so boosting sales for the merchant. So why is it so vital to push finance to your customers? Today’s customers aren’t a patient crowd. Surrounded by technology that facilitates speed, customers now expect and even demand their experiences with retailers to be immediate. And as technology continues to advance, this need for speed will only intensify. Many finance providers do not deliver this speed. Ideal4Finance, on the other hand, does. When a consumer wants to apply for finance it takes around 30 seconds to get a provisional offer. If accepted the customer needs to complete information required from the lender then wait to be paid out, which is often the same day depending on how quickly the customer gets the information to the lender. Quick, simple and hassle-free. Call us now on 020 3841 2820 to find out more!