Thinking Outside The Box

When it comes to actively promoting the fact that you offer finance, you should not be targeting your CURRENT customer base, but instead use the finance facility almost as a 2nd source of income (to attract the people that would not usually be able to pay for your services in full and turn them into new paying customers). It’s not adequate just having it on your website where a lot of people won’t see it, or posting on your Facebook page to people who ALREADY follow or know you, you have to get yourself in front of the potential customers you have been missing out on. Think about what you should be doing to actively drive people to the places you want them to go for example, your website, showroom and even your Facebook page where you can target a specific demographic on Facebook Business Ads. Our Account Managers are always on hand with suggestions if needed. There are thousands of free online resources that guide you through correct Google and Facebook marketing methods.