The Best YouTube Business Channels of 2019

The Best YouTube Business Channels of 2019

Here's our list of the top YouTube channels for business owners to subscribe to in 2019.

YouTube business channels can provide invaluable guidance and insight to startups and SMEs across the world. Along with advice tailored to specific industries, there are also a wide range of interviews and case studies where business leaders and successful entrepreneurs share their stories and lessons learned.

But with so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know which channels to subscribe to. So, to complement our recent shortlists of the best business podcasts and apps of 2019, we've taken the time to sift through business-based YouTube videos to create a list of channels that will add value to your UK SME. Here’s our shortlist:


Best for: SEO Must watch: Designing a Page’s Content Flow to Maximize SEO Opportunity Moz’s YouTube channel boasts hundreds of videos based around improving your business' authority online. In particular, their Whiteboard Friday Series includes a collection of classroom-style lessons on SEO topics. Such as ‘Why Visual Assets Work Better than Infographics’ and ‘How to Earn the Amplification of Influencers’. There’s a clear focus on SEO and content marketing, but even if you outsource your digital marketing. It’s well worth topping up your knowledge by regularly dropping in on Moz’s latest.

Made Simple

Best for: Quick tips Must watch: How to Form a UK Limited Company Made Simple provides advice and resources for business owners, entrepreneurs and startups within the UK. Full of practical business advice, their webinars and videos help guide thousands of UK SMEs through the nuances of running a successful business. Videos are a healthy mix of ‘how to guides’ and quick tips. Ranging from ‘How to Form a UK Company’ to ‘Invoicing 101’. The channel also features longer videos including startup stories and detailed guides such as ‘A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan’ and ‘Tips to Optimize Your Personal Linkedin Profile’. But with most videos lasting no more than a few minutes each. This is a handy resource to refer to if you want speedy answers to the many questions which come with running a business in the UK.

Robin Sharma

Best for: Motivation Must watch: What Makes A World Class Company Robin Sharma's business books have sold over 15 million copies across 96 nations. To complement this, his YouTube channel features 'Mastery Sessions' for business owners which contain real-world tactics that can help teams achieve big goals. He's mentored the likes of NASA, FedEx, Microsoft and IBM amongst many other FORTUNE 500 firms. His most popular YouTube videos include titles such as 'How Billionaires Defeat Distraction' and '4 Tactics to Becoming a Genius Communicator'. You'll also find a range of videos on how to make changes in your personal life that will impact your approach to business, such as '7 Key Reasons to Journal' and 'How to Be Comfortable Being Alone'.

HubSpot Academy

Best for: Marketing & sales Must watch: How to Use Tone of Voice in Social Media Many consider HubSpot to be the leaders in inbound marketing and sales education. As such, you'll find videos on all aspects of marketing and sales on The HubSpot Academy's YouTube channel. Amongst their most popular videos are ‘How to Conduct a Social Media Audit’, ‘How to Tell a Story in Your Content Marketing’, and ‘How to Reach Your Audience with Seth Godin'. Overall, if you want to keep up with the everchanging best practice of social media marketing and sales, this is a great resource to tap into.